Friday, 28 October 2011


 Chocks away, look what I managed to get my grubby paws on. NO I didn't find this on the Kingsland Road, I sourced this for a top secret commission.

 9 barrels, and 75 years of dirt, not the easiest thing I have ever taken apart but very interesting. Unfortunately she won't fit in my shot-blaster.

  This VERY HEAVY lump of nuts and bolts is actually a 1936 Lycoming R-680 Radial Aircraft Engine and would have come out of plane like this.

The Lycoming Manufacturing Company, now known as Lycoming Engines, built the motor. A R-680 successful trial came just two years after Charles Lindbergh flew his "Spirit of St. Louis" nonstop from New York to Paris marking the "golden age of aviation" and introduced Lycoming as the world's foremost piston aircraft engine manufacturer. Over the next twenty years, Lycoming built over 25,000 R-680 radial engines and established a worldwide reputation for excellence that has thrived ever since.


Now all I have to do is clean it, polish it and upcycle it to its new purpose....

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