Tuesday, 17 January 2012


This must be the most delicious machine sculpted piece of scrap I have ever come across. It was made by a wire eroding machine or wire electrical discharge machine. The process involves a thin single strand of brass wire being fired constantly through a chunk of steel in a tank of dielectric fluid to very precisely remove shapes. Anyway my friend has one [nice one Philip] and thanks to Linton Engineering I may be getting most of their waste material from this process.

I decided to stitch the cable through this shape as opposed to adding cable guides to keep its stunning lines clean.

The uprights for this lamp are also created in this way and the pieces that were removed would have been machined into con rods for a vintage car engine, it features a hand ground base and the top cover or shade is from a vintage MG, although the casting is very pitted it polished up nicely.

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  1. I am not good on things like this but it reminds me of my dad. Just like you, he loves trying things out. I am always amazed by his soulful fashion. I am glad I saw this post. He could have loved this.

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