Friday, 6 April 2012


 New style of wall lights. I will have a set of four matching wall lights that can be connected to existing wall power or can have external cable with a plug. 

They just need polishing,

 I used this beast above that a dear friend gave me many years ago to make the swan necks, its a solid old pipe bender that he used to make roll cages for banger racing cars out of scaffold tubes!

 Before and after. I met a traveling salesman from the South of France on the weekend. He had been in contact to see if I was interested in 5 of these trumpet shaped pieces. We think that they are actually something to do with crop spraying? They make great bases for huge mushroom lamps that stand near 5ft tall. I am looking forward to what he finds next month and rummaging through his van of oddities!

 After lots of banging, de-riveting, sanding, re-riveting, grinding, cursing and polishing I managed to make something on the right look like something on the left. I should find the next one a little easier as I had to make some tools to achieve this.

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