Thursday, 3 January 2013


After a nice break we are back to work! My new chandelier project, this one is off to Canada I think, I am looking forward to getting stuck into working it all out, once I get some other commissions finished, more on this to come as it progresses.

Aero cylinder heads waiting to be turned into a new style of stools that I am working on, and below the crankshaft and master con rod from the Lycoming engine, this has been a nightmare to pull apart but it will make a stunning lamp when I figure out how to put it all back together.

Massive thanks to Rob at Sergent and Co for helping me out with break levers, as I seem to be making more coat hooks these days, I am currently working on some larger versions.

My new tea drinking/thinking seat that I found in a giant scrapyard on a trip out of London, I believe its from an old crane, I decided to leave the padding inside the steel bucket and its comfier than it looks.

The bit you sit on was made from old pallet wood (which may get upgraded when the right thing comes along) the frame work on the under side had to be beefed up from when I had a tractor seat mounted to the wall.

 These images below are from some future projects that I have on the drawing board, more on these to come.

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