Sunday, 2 September 2012


 After changing the top fire extinguisher as the old one was more of a prototype, I added the next nine arms. It took a few attempts cutting these down but I am beginning to take in the overall look. [Its difficult to visualise when there are no plans] I just hope the ceiling takes it.

I have tightened up the whole look by doing this and its brought the two different shaped light bowls together which I was well chuffed with.

Kevin Smith top lathe man helped out turning all the threads of half the compression fittings to lighten things

and created loads of nice looking gold dust. Good work and thanks.

 Barney popped over for a cuppa and ended up removing the identification plate, giant main bearing and a few other bazaar bits, to make space for the light bulb that will sit in the middle of the main body. Cheers Barns.

Before taking things to the shot blasters I decided to pop to the hand car wash to clean all the grease off. I think I made a few guys at the garage laugh rocking up with this on my push bike.

Then off to the shot blasters to get things sand blasted and then bead blasted which should make things easier to polish.

 Next to do is make the bulb holder bits for the light bowls and a hell of a lot of polishing.

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