Saturday, 29 September 2012


I had an idea to make these a long time ago, something that's super comfy and a pleasure to sleep/chill on.

I collaborated with Bill Amberg to finish the larger chair with horse saddle leather which brings some warmth to the metal, it is an outdoor or indoor chair and the leather should age just like a Brooks saddle with a bit of wax.

The smaller chair was a collaboration with my legend of a sister Jen, its an indoor TV rocking chair and features a super comfy cushion that matches the ribs of the metal frame. [the bottom pad is missing in these pics]. Jen went to town with the detailing and put piping on all the ribs, proper job!

These things are dangerous to take apart not for the faint hearted...

and not easy to clamp together...

 but the finished result works well.

 In the lead up to Tent things got a little busy so Lizzie the best partner in the world jumped on the grinder to lend a hand. She always surprises me with her many talents.

A picture of the larger chair lacquered ready for the leather. These chairs will soon be up on the web shop and the first of many that can be tailored to suit many needs.

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