Saturday, 29 September 2012


 Ding dong. I think we're finished ol boy, and looking all good.

This project has taken a year on and off, and now I'm finally done I am really pleased with the way things turned out. Using exactly the same components the shape and final finish could have gone so different many ways. 

 Just the light bulbs cost me an arm and a leg, but was a joy to finally plug in and hit the switch.

 Thank you to all who helped make this happen from the bloke walking past who helped me shift the entire plane engine off the pallet into the workshop, Stevo, Barney, Kev and Mat who spent a whole afternoon helping wire the lump up not forgetting Stuart York who has taken some cracking snaps of the splendid spectacle, I doff my hat to you. I believe its being packed up and shipped to Sydney Australia to its new home.....

I just spotted this as I was looking for some pics.

 Manfred von Richthofen, nicknamed "The Red Baron". This German aristocrat loved hunting; his bedroom was covered with the serial numbers of British aircraft he'd shot down and the chandelier was made from the rotary engine of British plane. The Red Baron was recognisable by his red-painted plane: the colour of his former cavalry regiment.

The shape of a radial engine lends itself so well to making chandeliers
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