Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday, 7 August 2011


 Before and after the vintage seats are restored,
 Adjustable weighted base on the table desky thing,
Detail of the work surface, This was one of the spare bonnets off my vintage van, I didnt know this pannel had 7 layers of paint on it.


'Tot' is a noun that means 'a small one' - it is usually used to indicate a small amount of alcoholic spirit or a child.

'Totting' is east End (of London) slang for the trade of a Rag & Bone man - a man who pushed his cart around the streets buying up old rags, bones and anything else people would sell to him.
The Rag and Bone Man is a champion of recycling - like scrap metal merchants - occupations with a dirty/sleazy reputation, but providing a valuable service. When I was a kid, the rag and bone man with his cart and horse, would come round the streets calling out "ragn-bone" and householders would offer anything that they no longer wanted, whatever condition. Bigger houses had better cast-offs, but they were less inclined to haggle and would often let stuff go for nowt - so good pickings there.

"Pickings" - that reminds me of other recyclers - rag and rope pickers - years ago, kids used to sort through rags for reusable material and unpick rope, so that the fibres could be re-used.