Monday, 30 April 2012


I made these coat hooks a while back from re purposed brake leavers and some scrap leaf springs,

I had a lot of interest with them so I decided to make some more.

I have six pairs of them, they feature 1/8 polished brass back plates and gloss black levers. I plan on making more with many different finishes and variant metals and I would also be happy to fabricate custom versions on request.

Thursday, 12 April 2012




After lots of time contemplating how this might eventually turn out, I ordered some giant taps [the tool that is used for making a thread for a bolt to pass through] and made a start.

 With a few jokes from my local scrap yard I got hold of the 18 fire extinguishers and started chopping, the first attempt was too plain and my second try was Laurence Llewelyn Bowen I was told.

 Somewhere in the middle I think, more on this to come...


 I really enjoyed watching this week's episode of the apprentice which was all about making money from rubbish- one mans junk is another mans treasure! It was also good to hear Lord Sugar say the words 'rag and bone man'. I think that the two teams found out that its not so easy to Upcycle, sell and make a profit but they both had a go and it made for some good tv.

The episode started at The Old Cinema in Chiswick which is one of my favourite stores and ended in Brick Lane (where I do browse for the odd part). I felt connected to the whole task. I have some works on sale at The Old Cinema - its well worth a visit!
Here is a link to the episode

Friday, 6 April 2012


Got my hands on this heavyweight ex-school guillotine, perfect for a special project I am working on for September, it should save me loads on grinding disks.

I have needed a work light above the welding bench for some time now, just never got round to making one. Tom the traveling salesman from France had just the thing and its also inspired me to make a scissor lamp with a twist from an old rivet gun I found at Brick Lane. More on that soon!


 New style of wall lights. I will have a set of four matching wall lights that can be connected to existing wall power or can have external cable with a plug. 

They just need polishing,

 I used this beast above that a dear friend gave me many years ago to make the swan necks, its a solid old pipe bender that he used to make roll cages for banger racing cars out of scaffold tubes!

 Before and after. I met a traveling salesman from the South of France on the weekend. He had been in contact to see if I was interested in 5 of these trumpet shaped pieces. We think that they are actually something to do with crop spraying? They make great bases for huge mushroom lamps that stand near 5ft tall. I am looking forward to what he finds next month and rummaging through his van of oddities!

 After lots of banging, de-riveting, sanding, re-riveting, grinding, cursing and polishing I managed to make something on the right look like something on the left. I should find the next one a little easier as I had to make some tools to achieve this.