Sunday, 26 February 2012


One mans rubbish is another mans treasure, thanks Mr Bovingdon and Linton Engineering.

Thursday, 23 February 2012


This chair and lamp work really well together and will be available to purchase at Upcycled, Have just been asked if I could make a similar lamp which I am hunting components down for.

 I am super pleased with this stool, I did think about polishing the entire base but I would like to be able to walk for the spring/summer and I am not a super hero. Still I recon this finish works well and it should age nicely.


 Adjustable height chairs and stools, the stools were a commission and the chairs are waiting to find a new home, a loving owner and someones backside to keep them warm.


 You will be able to see these and a few more lamps at Upcycled, where they will be available to purchase. Images by Stuart York.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I was very lucky to have been asked if i could have a portrait taken of myself, my bike and the place I keep it, by the very talented Sam Christmas, looks awesome and will be used for one of his projects in summer featuring many custom bike builders and riders, cant wait to see the rest of the shots at the show, I will keep you posted.


I am the proud owner of these new wheels, built entirely from rubbish that was never getting used, constructed to weigh in rubbish that was never getting used and designed to bring home some of the larger nice things I see on my travels. On the maiden voyage to the scrap yard I rolled up a kerb and managed to put an old bike frame through four spokes, so I now have wheels that are more buckled than some I have recycled, I will have to get some better bungy cords and at some point build some guards to stop stuff doing this. Anyhow its been good to cull a big pile of offcuts and turn them into a use able tool, plus I do not want my young lady branding me a hoarder.