Wednesday, 30 May 2012


A few bad pictures of wall lamps I have made recently more on these to come.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


 A few shots to show how the ceiling breaker is coming on.

 I used caustic soda to clean this part as an experiment but it ruined the thread inside and actually changed the size of the original piece, never again shall I play with dangerous chemicals.


 After loads of dirt, sweat and blood, I have finished the new workshop chair and I am very pleased with it. I played with a few new techniques and some old favourites but stayed away from shotblasting to clean, complete and protect this surprisingly comfy landing pad. I am going to look into casting all the sections in aluminium so I can reproduce clones.....

Showing its age.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


 After lots of cleaning, wire brushing and figuring out I came up with this. A very solid and usable chair, the whole thing is bolted together using brass to contrast with the iron.

 I love the pitting of all of these parts as it shows how long they were neglected, rusting away till I found a new life for them. 

 The seat top came from an earlier mission to the same location, I think it was some kind of stepping plate off a vehicle? it could be a drain cover? its now a comfy place to park myself after a long day with a cuppa. I might shot blast the whole piece and add a serial plate to finish it?.


 I had a great day totting on Sunday, the sun was shining and pickings rich. Myself or my bike did not enjoy the ride home it was slow and backbreaking.

 I had some great finds at a local market, the best being a copper ended hammer for a £1, worth more in scrap but a lovely usable thing. Then I went on to a secret location I have bloged about before for some sun, sand and rusty ol iron. The lump in the picture above is I think some kind of grabber jaw from a digger, and in the pic below a flame cut off, hot riveted piece of structural steel. both very heavy and fairly old.

 I also found this rusty old bracket and a few large bolts which I put on the lathe to drill the centres out to make a back rest for a small very heavy duty chair for the workshop. I love it when a plan comes together.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Just delivered this lamp to the lovely Alicia light [cool surname] and by chance she actually makes lampshades herself check them out here.

 I am really stoked with the contrast between the silvery bits and the goldie bits, and the blue cable works really well with the original blue paint on the base.

I have now made quite a few similar styled lamps, they are height adjustable and have a flip over lid which enables them to up-light.